Meet Our Team

Bob Morgenroth,

General Manager

Bob has been the face of Park Union for over 30 years. Many people mistake him for the owner of the company…and that’s ok with us. Bob lives, eats and breathes the lumber business and he IS PARK UNION LUMBER.    ...

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Bill Harris,

Account Manager / Multi Family Specialist

Billy has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry and uses his expertise and dedication to provide unmatched service to our clients.  He is your GO TO GUY for whatever you need....

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Eric Bradley

Inventory Manager +++

Eric is responsible for every piece of material coming into and leaving the yard.  He has put systems in place to greatly improve our efficiency, accuracy, and waste.  In addition to materials management, Eric is an integral part of everyday operations....

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Donna Kirby,

Office Manager

Donna runs the office…Payables, Receivables, Human Resources, and everyday operations.  Her ability to wear so many hats keeps the “machine” moving....

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Head Driver / Fleet Manager

Gus is possibly the happiest guy you will ever meet.  His positive attitude is contagious and you will feel better just by being around him.  The is no problem he cant fix, no obstacle he can’t overcome, and no job too hard to complete.  Rain, Snow, or Blistering Heat, Gus is working hard a...

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Yard Manager

“G” has run the yard for over 15 years.  With precision and accuracy, he manages the CONSTANT flow of materials in and out of the yard.  All day, Every Day – The guy doesn’t stop for a second.  We love you Big Guy!...

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